Danielle Kaheaku


Danielle Kaheaku
Owner/Executive Editor

A ghostwriter and editor, Danielle has worked in the entertainment industry for the past ten years on movie sets, in publishing, and as a freelancer. She has active memberships in the Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America, the international Horror Writers Association, and the Romance Writers Association Professional Author Network. She regularly volunteers as a mentor within the HWA and is a founding co-chair for the San Diego HWA Chapter.

With a BA in English and MA in English and Creative Writing with a concentration in Fiction and Screenwriting, she is a lifetime member of Sigma Tau Delta – Alpha Phi Beta, the International English Honor Society. She has published several short stories (Danse Macabre, Silverthought), three anthologies (fourth October 2017 with an intro by Jonathan Maberry), four novels (Leucrota 2008, 2010, Barking Deer 2013, 2015), two produced screenplays (Gharial Productions, Krystek Productions and Synthetic Human), and have won several screen and literary awards including Gold at the California Film Awards (2017), Silver in the International Independent Film Awards (2016), an Award of Merit at the New Renaissance Film Festival in London (2016), and Foreword Book of the Year Awards (2009, 2008).

Prior to working freelance, she worked as an editor for an independent publisher and a technical editor for an architecture and environmental consulting firm, with past experience editing and reporting in a daily newsroom.


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