coach1Have you finished your novel or memoir, but aren’t  to know if it’s ready to send to an agent? Or have you been sending your manuscript to agents, only to get rejections?

The number of writers seeking agent representation increases every year and competition is fierce. It is more important than ever that your manuscript is as perfect as possible before sending it out. I can give you valuable feedback on your manuscript’s strengths and weaknesses in regards to characterization, plot, structure, style and dialogue, and steer you in the correct direction to better your story and yourself as a writer.

Coaching is tailored for each client on a project per project basis. As no two authors are alike, there is no way to have a defined outline of what your specific coaching process will entail. As a general idea, the sessions would include; critiquing current material, discussing ways to improve on the story, developing characters and tweaking the plot. Other aspects of the coaching process would later involve editing for issues such as style, grammar and pacing.coach2

Prior to beginning any sessions, a contract will be written up to the agreement of both parties once the manuscript in question has been discussed so that a plan of action can be formed. Then, a string of meetings and phone calls, along with deadlines imposed on the writer, will be scheduled so that things can move along at a pace that works with your own schedule and writing comfort. Communication is done via phone, email or Skype, and meetings are scheduled according to the client’s needs. For local clients, meetings can be arranged at a mutual location.

Standard rates are $45 an hour via phone or Skype and can be purchased ahead of time in blocks (pay as you go), or as a lump sum to include agreed-upon points and topics to cover, regardless of the amount of time it takes (contact for quote). In-person meetings or classes are billed at $60 an hour and do not include travel expenses.