A beta read and review of your manuscript. The critique provides broad feedback on your manuscript, focusing on story and plot structure, voice, character development, thematics, clarity, consistency, weaknesses, and specific advice to help revise your manuscript on a structural level.

The critique will include notes in the margins, and a 2-4 page written review of the novel that will include strengths, issues, and detailed recommendations.


  • 1,000-40,000 words: $200
  • 4,001-80,000 words $375
  • 80,001-120,000 words $500


An overall edit, working on plot conception and character development, focusing on:

  • Improving descriptive scenes
  • Creating realistic dialogue
  • Rounding characters
  • Fixing conceptual inconsistencies

Content edits address a manuscript’s structure and content. Editing work may include rearranging chapters or scenes, altering paragraph structure, developing the information to read in a logical, smooth flow without redundancies or gaps. For fiction, content edits will also uncover subplots, style, and characterization problems.

PRICING:  $0.04 word


Editing at the sentence level, working on individual paragraphs and sentence structure:

  • Create an overall smooth flow
  • Dialogue unique to each character
  • Scene descriptions
  • Grammar, punctuation, spelling

Line edits are detailed edits and can make an enormous amount of difference in an otherwise well-crafted story. Non-fiction editing addresses passive and static voice, grammar, word choice, and tone. In fiction, edits will also convert excessive narration (“telling”) to action and dialogue (“showing”) where appropriate.

PRICING: $0.06 word

*Line editing projects will only be accepted if the manuscript has already gone through extensive editing and does not need major revisions or alterations to the plot, characters, or themes.


Copyediting is a form of editing that’s done when a manuscript is in its final stages. Unlike an edit, a copy edit does not alter the content of the text but focuses solely on spelling, grammar, punctuation, semantics, consistency, and other linguistic elements and functions.

PRICING: $0.04


A complete package of three rounds of editing: content, line, and proof.

PRICING: $0.07 word, based on the initial word count before start.