Paul Decker Assignments Series

Selected works by author Jeffry Weiss


The Go Code Protocol 

gocodeThe briefcase, AKA the football, containing the go codes for the U.S. nuclear arsenal is carried by military aides who always accompany the President and Vice-President.  In a strike on Washington, a terrorist group known as “Black Bear” gets away with the prize, killing many secret service agents and almost killing Captain Paul Decker: the officer charged with protecting the football. Black Bear breaks the encryption code, and opens a “trap door” into the nation’s ICBM network…and is auctioning off targeted missile strikes.

Many countries, both friend and foe, along with a dozen terrorist organizations, want what Black Bear has. And it’s all for sale!  Paul Decker assembles his own team to go after the perpetrators. But he finds that everyone, including his hand-chosen people, has their own agenda.

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Web War One

The U.S. is being subjected to a cyber attack. The country’s infrastructure is crumbling. Air, rail, gas and electric services have ground to a halt. With banks unable to operate, ATMs out of money and store shelves bare of food, people are starting to loot and commit even more serious crimes. The U.S. is just days away from anarchy.

A wealthy industrialist in China, Lee Han, has turned on hidden “logic bombs”, which have broken all internet connections between and among the public and private sectors in the U.S. Han is planning to draw the Chinese Government into war by sinking his own fleet of fishing ships within the territorial waters of South Korea, Taiwan, and The Philippines. Han’s next step is to cut off the U.S. military internet, halting any U.S. response.

China needs only a narrow window of opportunity to secure their gains. At stake are billions of dollars in oil and gas hidden under the disputed islands. With the help of an imprisoned computer hacker, a rogue CIA agent, and Lee Han’s mistress, Paul Decker slices a path through Han’s organization. But can he get to the saboteur in time to stop the invasion?

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The Eugenics Solution

America has been placed on “trial” by the “Friends of the Planet”: a powerful, but secret organization, and found guilty of waste and degradation of the planet’s resources. They will use their orbiting satellites to send down a deadly EM frequency, which will go through the Wi-Fi towers, killing the consumers residing in “wired cities”, leaving the farmers and ranchers to feed the rest of the planet.

The Antagonist is a diabolical, brilliant Bavarian Prince for whom death of his enemies is not nearly enough. But is it all madness when the elimination of three hundred million people might save seven billion.

The plot is as much a war of words and wit as a battle of weapons. It is a race against time, as Paul Decker – along with is ex-wife, an east European hacker and Chechen fighters – chase Prince Hansel through Europe but remain one step behind to the very end.

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Code 6 North of the DMZ

There are currently two hundred thousand North Korean citizens held in prison camps, where they are beaten, starved and executed, while the government squanders the nation’s resources on weapons and luxuries for the ruling elite.

Paul Decker, along with Chechen Borya Timoshenko – and eleven young men and women who escaped from the camps – go into North Korea Code 6: without the backing of the US, or any other government. Their plan, to free as many prisoners as possible, requires precision timing. With all eyes on the border, Paul and his team slip into the country and liberate the first camp.

From there, they must count on both the guards and prisoners at the other camps joining them in the fight; something that is far from certain. Buoyed by success, they risk all by going on to Pyongyang and attempt to kidnap the glorious leader himself: Kim Jung-un.

But many on Paul’s team are blinded by revenge and things begin to go very wrong.

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