Sentinels of Tzurac Screenplay Adaptations

I’m pleased to announce my involvement in the screenplay adaptations of sci-fi author James Raven’s novels, Sentinels of Tzurac.

The screenplays have won numerous awards, and James Raven Productions is currently seeking funding for production for all three films.




The Novels

Sentinels of Tzurac: Terra Major Under Threat

The year is 2055. Earth’s natural resources have been ravaged and the planet is slowly dying. MERIC, the mining company owned by Samuel Jensen that employs new recruit engineer Kyron, is now mining a newly discovered planet known as Terra Iota when an explosion rocks their operations and brings them to a screeching halt. A strangely powerful blue crystal they will come to know as Xytrinium is cause of the explosion and Kyron is sent to Terra Iota to investigate. Saying goodbye to his love Torri, Kyron embarks on a journey to the distant planet, unaware that evil forces lurking within his own company don’t want him to arrive on Terra Iota alive. Someone is moving behind the scenes to control all of this valuable volatile substance and his motive is as simple as it is diabolical: he is determined to exert complete power over the entire world. Caught in the middle, Kyron now finds himself in a war with a man who seems to hold all the cards; and when a murder, an ancient gold ring, and his father’s hidden past reveal startling truths, Kyron will risk everything to save Earth—and the life of the woman he loves.

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Sentinels of Tzurac : Zarkwin’s Revenge

Earth’s recent reprieve from full-scale disaster is about to end sooner than expected. The second book in the Sentinels of Tzurac trilogy, Zarkwin’s Revenge begins five years after the conclusion of Terra Major Under Threat.

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Sentinels of Tzurac: Retaliation

Retaliation, ‘ the third book in the ‘Sentinels of Tzurac’ sci-fi trilogy, is the action-packed finale, where the forces of good and evil struggle for the control of the Universe through possession of the powerful resource Xytrinium. Some of the characters which the readers loved or loathed from the previous two books reappear with more determination to succeed. Surprisingly, an unexpected hero, trying to redeem himself and clear his conscience from his past foolish mistakes, emerges in an attempt to help thwart the age-old enemy of the Tzuracians.

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More about James Raven

James Raven

In the early fifties James Raven immigrated to Australia as a youngster with his “ten pound pom” family. He spent his boyhood in Victoria and teenage years in South Australia, following all the sci-fi TV series of Star TrekLost in SpaceDr Who and Time Tunnel. As an adult, he loved sci-fi movies including Star WarsBattlestar Galactica, and Stargate. He has always loved English Literature and started writing romantic poetry and published his first nonfiction book in 2003. After finding success with his first novel, Sentinels of Tzurac – Terra Major Under Threat, he has now retired from a career of forty years in the public service and writes full time.

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