The Code

S429706_254687307952771_1125748303_n-200x300ome believe in one. Others swear by one. Even the streets are ruled by one. And many die by one. Everyone has a Code—it’s whether they choose to follow it that decides their fate.

The Code.

The Code is an episodic cop series that follows the regular grind of Los Angeles law enforcement, the mafia, and the intertwining connections and encounters between the two. This gritty, real-life drama series is full of action, thrilling shootouts, tragedy, and heartbreak, as lines are crossed and codes are broken.

Story by: William C. Albert
Screenplay by: Danielle Kaheaku and C. Edward Sellner
Starring: William C. Albert, Heidi Dene, Gino Calabro

Currently in development by Ice Fortress Productions, in conjunction with Krystek Productions and Synthetic Human.