The Eternal Saga Series

The Eternal Saga Series to be published by MulitAuthors LTD.

The Squad Leader

Sean is a criminal psychologist though he is considering a career change after one of his profiles proved incorrect, leaving his confidence shaken. However, he can’t help but decide to face the prisoner he profiled incorrectly, Ted Fisher, when one of his friends on the police force calls from the prison to say that there is something strange in general about the prisoner.

Talking to the Ted Fisher, Sean soon finds out that the reason it had been so hard to profile the man is that he in his head he, while killing, he believes his is an online role playing game, leaving him acting as a different character every time. His victims have all been people who look like members of the “enemy” group in the game.

A body is found, one of the men that had been in the pictures assigned to avatars making the police almost certain that Ted Fisher has struck once again. As the police search the house they find things that suggest that someone has been harvesting information from computers all over town, and it would seem that Ted Fisher is more than a serial killer, but Sean isn’t sure that he has the necessary mental ability to do something so planned in the real world. He begins to try to figure out if the information may have some tie into the game, but he comes up at a loss.

Later that night, he comes up with the only thing that might make sense with everything else–Ted Fisher is just one piece of a bigger game.


In The Game

Criminal psychologist Sean thinks things have slowed down since his last big case. Anna, his current love interest, is taking up most of his time and forcing his mind away from work. His spends his free time working on his new book, hoping for a future career change and a more satisfying life.

Yet bodies are being found around the city, and it seems Anna is somehow more involved than he previously believed. The Squad Leader has returned, and the game is on. Now Sean must jump back into the driver’s seat and delve deep into the online gaming world–a world where killers hunt for their next victims, and human trafficking is as common as powering up to the next avatar level.






Sean is at his wits end. As a criminal psychologist, his job is to profile killers and the criminally insane. With the recent murders surrounding the Ted Fisher case and the revelations of the human trafficking background of the online game the organization runs from, he decides to step deeper into the darkness and heads to France to check out a lead under the guise of a boutique.

Things get sticky as Sean’s curiosity brings him closer to the truth, and when he realizes how alone he is being so far from home as the killers close in, he begins to doubt his choice of going vigilante.